Does my factory warranty remain in effect when you service my car?

Absolutely! You receive the exact same coverage.

Are you able to service a car as well as a dealership?

Definitely. Actually we believe we do a better job. For example, you will NEVER wait weeks for an appointment, and we will definitely attend to your vehicle within a couple of days in the event of an emergency. Does a light bulb need changing? We’ll probably be able to fit you in the same day!

Will you give me a quote before starting work?

Yes we offer free quotation for all clients.

Will you let me know when I need my next service?

Yes. Consistent with our emphasis on maintenance and prevention, we employ a computer driven system that tracks date and mileage and will estimate service interval times. You will receive a letter advising that your vehicle is due for service.

For changing over to snow tires for my car, will I need to change all 4 tires? Or can I only change 2 tires instead of all 4 and is is safe to only change 2?

On an All Wheel Drive vehicle you will have to change all 4. Front Wheel Drive better to change all 4, for better drivability and control. The majority of vehicles installing 4 tires are the best. Vehicles with “ABS” all 4 wheels is a must, all tires must be the same diameter of a code will set and the “ABS” system will not function. During bad conditions “ABS” has saved a lot of vehicles from suspension damage by intermittently locking and releasing the wheel. Check you manufactures owner’s manual for you particular vehicle and recommendations.